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Industry Only Albums

Paradigm Shift

Majoring in innovative sound-design and evocative non-lyrical vocal signatures and textures, a collection of distinctly forward-looking trailer cues.

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Vanguard Vol IV

Art House, Emotive Strings and Minimalist Cues for Trailers. From delicate and emotional solo strings, to rousing, spine-tingling, soaring ensembles with epic scale.

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Vanguard Vol III

From elegant neoclassical to edgy Avant-Garde, a collection of dramatic and organic trailer tracks that meld virtuoso live strings with modern production.

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Curated Horror Sound Design Toolkits

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INDUSTRY ONLY: Blockbuster Orchestral Trailer Cues

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ICON SERIES: The Upbeats

INDUSTRY ONLY: Signature EDM-Inspired Artist Collabs

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INDUSTRY ONLY: Hip hop Grime and Trap Cues for Trailers

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INDUSTRY ONLY: Brooding, Suspenseful Cues for Documentary and Drama Trailers

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Pianoscapes 2

INDUSTRY ONLY Intimate, Art House and Neoclassical Piano Cues.

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Pianoscapes 3

INDUSTRY ONLY Piano Epics, Rousing, Dramatic & Noire Piano Cues

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INDUSTRY ONLY Tense, Dark, Futuristic Cues for Trailers.

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Quirky, Jazzy, Funky Percussion Cues for Trailers & TV Spots

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Uplifting, Positive, Orchestral Cues for Trailers

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Trailer Works 2

Advanced sound design for film trailers.

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Main Catalog


Modern, tech-heavy cues for theatrical trailers.


Dark, sinister cues for theatrical promotion, featuring the Budapest Symphony Orchestra.

Trailer Works 1

Long Tools Now Available.
Heavyweight sound-design and trailer tools. Extended tools now available. For short tools, please contact us for Industry Access, or visit our client site.